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Author: Fran├žois Guillet

Version: 1.5

Date: 2006/07/27


This plugin features a polygonal mesh (4 edges or more sided faces) that can be created and edited within AoI. It offers the same features than the triangular mesh concerning texturing, animation, etc.


1.5 version released. See the Release Notes.


The manual covers version 1.5 and can be read online or downloaded as a PDF file.


The PolyMesh plugin is still in development. However, it is stable, has now a fairly complete set of modeling tools and can be used on a regular basis. Some features available are listed below:

The screenshots below show a cube as created after selecting the Polygonal Mesh command from the tools menu and the same cube after Catmull-Clark subdivision.


The source package can be downloaded here. Uncompress the file in Art of Illusion source main directory and build the plugin using ant:

ant -f PolyMesh.xml