The Tree and Plant Designer User's Guide

François Guillet

FDL 1.2

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
1. Overview
2. Getting Started
2. Menus

List of Figures

1.1. The TaPD window
1.2. The TaPD window toolbar
1.3. Insertion of a tube module
1.4. The preview window
1.5. The tube module parameters window
1.6. The tube module parameters pane
1.7. The tube shape window
1.8. Edition of the tube shape
1.9. Edtiting the tube thickness as a function of Y
1.10. Procedure view showing the two tubes module and the coil module
1.11. The main object preview
1.12. Procedure with sized decorator tube and a size function for the coil module
1.13. Preview for the procedure shown in
1.14. Subdivision of the decorator tube
1.15. Specifying the coil module parameters (a)
1.16. Specifying the coil module parameters (b)
1.17. The final object preview
1.18. The TaPD object in Art of Illusion